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Just having your insurance policy doesn't necessarily mean you'll recoup 100% of your loss if you and your family fall victim to fire, theft or any other catastrophic event. Most people are simply not able to remember EVERYTHING they had and most of us don't keep our receipts off site. When disaster does strike and an adjuster comes to assess damage from a loss; no receipts and no photos means no proof. Not having proof of your items means you will not receive the full value from your claim.

Proving your losses by memory alone is simply not a solution and either is trying acquire proof of purchase for everything of value you own. This is especially true when it comes to family heirlooms and items of value that have been passed on from generation to generation.

Did you know that when making an insurance claim a photo is worth as much as an actual receipt to your insurance company? 360 Vision has the perfect solution for you AND your valuables with our 360 Vision Home Inventory Virtual Tour! Let us photograph, document and securely store all of your valuables on our servers and onto a CD for you making your proof of ownership just a mouse click away!

All Packages include HD Stills and HD 360° Spins!!
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Insurance & Home Inventory Tour

Our tours are
perfect for documenting all of your valuables!

Each Home Inventory Tours
Both 360 panoramic and still images
One full year of secure tour hosting
2 Virtual tour CD's for offsite storage
High resolution images provided on CD
Insurance company contact information
Up To 2,500 SQFT $199.00
Up To 5,000 SQFT $299.00
Additional Year of Third Party Hosting 

Keeping your home inventory virtual tour stored on our servers in Dallas, TX not only adds an additional layer of protection for you, it also allows you to periodically update your tour and receive a photography discount off of your original purchase price.

We charge a nominal fee of $39.00 annually to keep your home inventory tour securely stored for an additional year and ready for you to order and update from us at anytime.


*A fee of $39.00 is billed annually and includes hosting and photography discounts for 1 additional year.

**360 Vision will update your panoramic or snapshot scenes within your home inventory virtual tour at a discounted rate of 20% Savings

Home Inventory Virtual Tour Update

It's only natural that your home, items and collectables will change over the years and when they do, keeping your home inventory tour up to date will be important. As long as your virtual tour is being stored on our secure Dallas, TX hosting facility it is very easy for us to update your tour and get you a new set of CD's for safe keeping.


Each Update Includes:
Up to 15 scene edits or replacements
2 Virtual tour CD's for offsite storage
High resolution images provided on CD
Insurance company contact information.


360 Vision Snap Pack

Was 30 scenes not enough for your home inventory virtual tour?  A snap pack is a perfect way to add on to your home inventory virtual tour. These beautiful high resolution snapshots burned onto your CD for safe keeping along with your home inventory tour.

Each Snap Pack comes with five high resolution still images.  Order as many as you need to complete your insurance virtual tour.

As a Holland Interactive 360° Virtual Tour Company we offer state of the art HD interactive 360° virtual tour technology, enhanced packages, and dedication to customer satisfaction to make us the the provider of choice in Southwestern Michigan. 360 Vision...because life is not a still image!

Michigan Made:

360 Vision is a Holland virtual tour company servicing all of Southwestern Michigan. We offer the very best HD interactive 360° virtual tours and powerful marketing tools available. All our services and tools are professionally designed so you look your best, drive more 
traffic, increase sales while spending less.

360 Vision: Interactive 360° Virtual Tour Provider in Holland, MI

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